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Vacation Day1

Preston’s new adventure will make anyone who likes to hike envious. This coming week, he is going on a 7-day road trip with Mommy and Daddy to Maine and Canada. There will be a lot of hiking involved. Everybody’s gotta pack their hiking boots.

First destination- Acadia National Park, Maine.

It is a beautiful day to visit the park.

Preston got to explore the ocean and lake and hike a rocky trail and a board walk.

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Kayak Outing

After having so much fun canoeing on the Charles last year, Preston went on to try kayaking this weekend. Mommy and Daddy like kayaking better than canoeing but finding a good spot to sit on the kayak could be tricky for Preston.

There are many crazy individuals along the busy Charles river on this given day.

It was a fun family outing. Preston even got to jump off the kayak (with a little help from Mommy) and swim in the river.

While in the water, Preston started to panic when mommy and daddy paddled away…. of course they came back to pick him up.

Yikes! Ticks!

It was a nice spring Sunday. Preston went hiking at Mount Misery. Unfortunately, his first hike of the year was ruined by the ticks. After spotting two ticks on Preston, Mommy and Daddy couldn’t get Preston out of the tick-infested grassy field fast enough. Tick-borne Lyme disease is endemic in New England and NOT fun to have. Mommy examined Preston thoroughly and did not find more ticks on him. Hopefully, Frontline PlusĀ® does its job keeping the ticks out of Preston!

FYI: some good articles about ticks: Ticks on Dogs. and Canine Tick Disease FAQ.

“Blanket” trick

Preston hasn’t learned new tricks for awhile. Last week, Mommy saw a great tutorial posted by Preston’s new friend, Honey the Great Dane and decided to teach Preston the “blanket” trick. Thanks Honey for sharing your training secret!

House Guest

Bunbun is Auntie Katherine and Uncle Steve’s furkid. She came to stay with Preston for a few days this week when Auntie Katherine was having a human kid. Bunbun is the cutest Havanese Mommy and Daddy have ever seen.
Bunbun the Havanese
Bunbun the havanese
She brought a very interesting dog treat to share with Preston. It is “black forest cake” flavored chewy candy from Japan! It DOES smell like “black forest cake”.
Black Forest Cake dog treats
Bunbun is the sweetest girl who loves every person she meets but she has no interest in playing with other dogs. How does Preston think about this house guest?
This picture says it all…
Preston and Bunbun