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Friendly Neighbors

Preston has very friendly downstair neighbors whom he visits quite often – Mr. Baskin and Mr. Robbins!
Tonight was 31 Cent Scoop Night. Preston was one of the first in line!

One Hot Day

Preston is always in front leading the way when walking with Mommy and Daddy at Bayfront Park.
He would wait and make sure Mommy and Daddy are keeping up.

It was a very hot day today. Towards the end of the walk, this was how Preston waited for mommy and daddy.

The best way to cool off on a hot day? Jamba Juice!
Ready to dig in! Preston was having Mango-A-Go-Go.
“yum! Yum!”
“no more??” 🙁

Messenger Boy

Mommy and Daddy got a messenger boy at home!

A Hungry Look

Because Mommy always places a couple of “donut bones” in Preston’s dinner to prevent him from eating too fast, Preston has figured out a way to tell Mommy he is hungry.

Joey the baby kangaroo

Mommy and Daddy were out of town this weekend so Preston got to spend time with Uncle Allen. The two of them must have had a great time playing tug-of-war and the game got a bit rough at the end. The baby kangaroo (Joey) was ripped off from his mommy’s pouch. Preston apparently felt really bad about it.

Head on the Table

Mommy and Daddy don’t remember since when Preston likes to rest his head on the table. He can do it on command too.

A failed attempt

Great auntie Amy were planning on hiking Mission Peak this weekend. Mommy and Preston thought they would come along since they had such a great time hiking up to the summit last time.
The hike started at 7:30am this time!

However, after this…

Then this…

And finally this…

Mommy decided to take Preston home. Preston did not make it to the summit like he did last time. Why? Because he got too excited and used his energy up at the trail head. Plus the 2.4 lb he put on when mommy and daddy were on vacation did not help either!

Shut the Door

It is so tough for mommy to leave for work every morning, this is why…

Preston no longer stays in the crate when mommy and daddy are at work, but he still goes into his crate every morning. Mommy leaves the door unlocked and Preston would step out of his crate as soon as mommy leaves.