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Time to go trick-or-treating! But Preston had to first decide if he wanted to be an alligator…. (Good guess, Maggie!)
Puggle aligator

or just be his true self…
Devil Puggle

Mommy and daddy took Preston trick r treating at Stanford Shopping Center and had tons of fun.

The inspiration of Preston’s costume came from this cool Croc-Eat-Dog costume. It was a promotion for the Zoo Neunkirchen in Germany.

Pumpkin Carving

Preston was exhausted after two-hours of running and wrestling in the dog park on Saturday. He spent Sunday recuperating at home while Mommy and Daddy were carving pumpkins.
The Three Musketeers in the dog park.
puggle Preston shortline dog park

Jack-o’-lantern: Puggle Attack
puggle attack pumpkin

Mommy and Daddy carved five pumpkins this year including a puggle face pumpkin
carved pumpkin

A sneak peak of Preston’s Halloween costume. Guess what Preston is gonna be this year??
Puggle Preston costume sneak preview


Fetching toys by names is not new to Preston. He now has 31 toys and remembers all of their names. To get everyone in the Halloween spirit, Preston does this one a little differently…

Mission Peak

Preston got up early today and headed east to Fremont. With plenty of water and snacks packed, he was determined to conquer Mission Peak.

All ready to go! 8:30am at trail head.
trail head mission peak

9:06am. “Already, Preston?”
tired preston

A close encouter with the cows.
mission peak hiking cows

Only half way there.
hiking mission peak

“Hurry up, Mommy!”
hiking mission peak waiting mommy

Preston made it to the summit!! Elevation 2517 feet! It was so windy up there. Preston had a hard time keeping his eyes open (or even keeping his feet on the ground!) No time for sight-seeing, Preston had to start heading down before being blown away.
mission peak summit

The 4-hour hike was made easier by the wonderful Grip Trek Boots.
grip trex boots

Help Please!

Each day after Preston finishes his dinner, he brings his “stuff-a-ball”to Mommy to fill it up with yummy treats. The ball keeps him busy so that he won’t bother Mommy and Daddy at their dinner table. Occasionally, Mommy makes it a little more challenging to get the treats out of the ball by stuffing it with some chewy food (crunchy treats are the easiest!). At times like that, Preston needs help…

Pumpkin Picking

Preston made a trip to Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival this weekend.
He got to pick out his own pumpkin!

Picking just one was tough. After lots of sniffing and licking, Preston finally made up his mind.
pumpkin picking

Preston was very happy with his choice.

Leading Mommy and Daddy through the corn maze.
corn Maze

Mommy’s birthday

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Chuckit!® & Blueberry Frosty Paws

Mommy and Daddy promised Preston a “Chuckit!”if he learned to fetch a tennis ball (Fetching was not hard, letting it go was tough). Preston earned his first Chuckit! this weekend. Every good fetcher should have one!
Preston fetching a tennis ball at his favorite park- Holbrook Palmer Park, Atherton.

A Blueberry Frosty Paw was waiting for Preston when he got back from the park. What a lucky puggle!
blueberry frosty paw
Blueberry Frosty Paw
Follow the recipe for the original Frosty Paw.
Substitute banana with 1 cup of frozen unsweetened blueberry (thawed).
Substitute peanut butter with 4 oz blueberry flavor yogurt.

Treat ‘r Trick

It is getting hard to get Preston to do the combined tricks. He is not as eger to do tricks as he used to be. Preston finally put up with it for his beloved treat- watermelon!

His puppy combined tricks.