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Sweet cure for a boo-boo

Preston had a boo boo in the dog park today as result of rough and tumble play. It was just a small cut but the bloody paw did scare Mommy a little.

Mommy patched him up. What else is going to make him feel better?
These yummies certainly will!
Preston is always a fan of Sprinkles’ pupcakes.

Mommy and Daddy brought home a souvenir from their vacation.

A doggie treat from Houston’s Dessert Gallery Bakery and Cafe.

Mommy is back!

Mommy missed Preston so dearly when she was away.
Daddy put Preston in his study room when he went to work. It could get quite lonely being home alone all day. Mommy had remote access to the computer at home so she could start the home computer remotely and set up a video conference with Preston through a webcam. Isn’t technology a wonderful thing? Mommy got to chat with Preston everyday when he was alone at home.
Screen captures from the webcam:

Meet Gilli, Grandma and Grandpa’s beloved dog in Taiwan. Gilli is the family hero. Grandma and Grandpa has a beautiful garden but occasionally on warm summer days, there are unwelcomed visitors in their garden…snakes! (scary, huh) When that happened in the past, Gilli was always the first to find out. Sometimes, he just took care of them on his own. Hope Gilli continues protecting the family but stays safe at the same time. Thank you, Gilli!

Mommy is back from her trip. She didn’t bring home any dog treats because she didn’t want to get in troubles at customs for bringing in any meat products. Those sniffer dogs at customs are very good at their job, like this one Mommy saw in Houston airport…

But she did bring home some yummy human treats that Preston was also lucky to be able to get a bite or two.
Two of very well-known snacks in Taiwan-
Cow’s Tongue Biscuits (Niu-Se-Bing) and Sun Cake (Tai-Yang-Bing)

Mommy was also excited about her flight layover at Tokyo’s Narita Airport because she could get the famous Hiyoko– buns shaped like a baby chick.

Crispy Kale

This is a popular human recipe but since kale is a highly nutritious vegetable that is rich in anti-oxidants, Mommy is happy to share this tasty and healthy snack with Preston. If you are not a big fan of kale (like Mommy), you will be surprised how yummy the crispy kale is.
There are many recipes of crispy kale online. Mommy’s recipe is based on one of her favorite food blogs: SteamyKitchen-Baked Crispy Kale.
Ingredients (scale up if needed):
5 cups of leafy kale, torn into bite-sized pieces, thick stems removed.
1 tablespoon olive oil
Salt/seasoning salt (for humans)
1. Preheat the oven to 350F.
2. Wash and dry kale thoroughly (very important!)
3. Drizzle olive oil over the kale and toss with your hands until all surfaces are coated.
4. Spread the kale evenly on the baking sheet. Bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes. Toss slightly at the 10 minutes and check every 2 minutes from this point on until the leaves turn crispy. Remove the kale from the oven immediately. (This step is tricky. Mommy burnt two batches before finally figuring out the right timing)
5. Save some unseasoned crispy kale for your pooch! Sprinkle the remaining crispy kale with salt/seasoning salt.

Crispy kale vs. raw kale. Preston sure knows the difference…

Christmas Presents

Preston is a lucky pup. He received lots of wonderful Christmas cards and presents from his friends. Thank you all so much for thinking about Preston.

…and Preston’s buddies,Oliver and Jack, must hope one day Preston can challenge Chaser the border collie who knows the names of 1022 toys. They sent Preston a box full of toys!

Preston’s puggle friends Blue and Copper sent him the sweetest and most adorable ecard: video
Mommy baked Preston biscuits with the biscuit mix Bruschi and Ebby sent. They turned out great!

12/28/2010 updates:
More presents arrived today from Poochy Puggle! Poochy always got Preston the yummiest treats, the kind Mommy won’t touch without wearing gloves! 🙂

Barkitecture Houston 2010

Preston was at Barkitecture Houston on Saturday. It is a yearly event where architects and designers create dog houses to be auctioned off to benefit an animal rescue organization called Pup Squad. The participating dog houses are displayed for the silent auction and anyone can place bids on their favorite dog houses or buy-it-now for $500.
Preston did some house hunting at the event.

Preston liked this house so much Mommy and Daddy almost brought it home.

Apparently, Preston did not find this event mascot funny.

The highlight of the event for Preston!

Mommy found a wonderful dog treat at the event. It is Chef’s Buddiez jerky treats, made with all natural and human grade chicken, duck and sweet potatoes. The treats smell so good they make Mommy’s mouth water. They are created by a real human chef.

Preston also came home with a new stylish leather collar from Dosha Dog.

Happy Tummy

Saturday was Daddy’s birthday. Daddy came home from a four-day trip in Chicago to spend his birthday with Mommy and Preston.
Daddy didn’t forget to bring home Mommy’s favorite popcorn- Chicago’s Garrett Popcorn!
“What do you mean it is not puggle food? I brought it home all the way from the garage!”

This is the reason Garrett is not for a puggle…

Mommy took Daddy to The Chocolate Bar to pick out Daddy’s birthday cake. ALL the yummy sweets in the store are made of chocolate…except the carob dipped milkbones! That’s how cool The Chocolate Bar is. They don’t let doggies feel left out.

After the dinner and the cake, Mommy, Daddy and Preston enjoyed some TV time together. Someone on TV was shouting “Ice cream! Ice cream!” Preston rushed over to his toy box and brought Mommy and Daddy this…
“Did someone say ice cream?”

No ice cream. Sorry, Preston. But on Sunday, Mommy made Preston’s Kong filling with a new recipe. Puree 1/2 cup cooked beef, 1/2 cup red bell pepper and 1 hard boiled egg.

see other Kong recipes.

Dr. Becker’s Bites®

These days, Preston puts on his best behavior when Mommy mentions “Bison Bites”.
When choosing Preston’s treats, Mommy likes them to be simple, natural, healthy and of course, yummy. Dr. Becker’s Bites® are Mommy’s exciting new finds!
These crunchy treats come in three flavors: Bison (made with bison liver & bison heart), Beef (beef liver) and Veggies (2/3 veggies & 1/3 bison liver). Preston has tried all three and love them all.

Don’t they look like tortilla chips? Preston will tell you they are BETTER than tortilla chips!

What’s in your Kong®?

It has become one of Preston’s daily routines to have a treat dispensing toy like Kong® when Mommy and Daddy are having their dinner. Preston finishes his dinner first and then brings his Kong over to Mommy to be filled with “goodie of the day”. Mommy is always looking for new yummy (and sticky) Kong fillings. Here are a few of Preston’s favorites. What are yours? Please share!

Beef & Rice: Puree 2 parts of cooked beef + 1 part of rice, add water to achieve the desired consistency.

Banana & Peanut butter: Puree one banana and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter (and some optional honey). Add a small piece of bread to make it stickier.

(a behind-the-scene capture during the photoshoot…)

Salmon & Cream cheese: Puree 1/2 cup of cooked salmon and 2 tablespoons of low/non-fat cream cheese (or cottage cheese).

More great fillings… Just cook and puree!

Valentine’s Day ’10

Valentine’s day is always a splurge day for Preston (Mommy and Daddy too). His treat this year is especially sweet.
Mike’s Pastry is Boston’s most famous pastry shop. This place is so well-known even Preston knows about it.
Apparently, Preston has had his eyes on the pastry box all night since the moment Mommy and Daddy came home with it. He does not need anyone to tell him what “Mike’s Pastry” is and where Mommy kept the pastries.

Past Valentine’s day splurges, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

bon appétit!

Mommy has gotten many questions about Preston’s food so she thought a post about his food would help answer many of those questions.
Preston used to eat home-cooked meals but when preparing his food got too time-consuming, Mommy found a great alternative – The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog food.
THK offers high quality dog food made with human-grade ingredients. It is easy to prepare but still gives Mommy the pleasure of making Preston’s meals.
Mommy adds cooked meats and pureed veggies to the hydrated THK (THK can be served as-is. Additional meats and veggies are optional).
Preston gets sardines every couple of weeks. He loves them because they are stinky!! He also gets fish oil supplements (1200mg) daily.
FYI: Good reads about dog food: The Best Food For Dogs and The Dog Food Project.