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Hiking Welch & Dickey Mountains

Preston went hiking in White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. Mommy and Daddy picked Welch-Dickey Loop for this hike.
The hike starts out with an easy trail in the woods.
Then, it gets a bit more strenuous. Preston needed a little lift from Daddy sometimes.
The view at the summit is breathtaking.
Mommy and Daddy like this trail a lot. Welch-Dickey loop is not long (4.4 miles, 3.5 hour hike) but challenging enough to get a feeling of accomplisment. There are several open ledges providing spectacular panoramic views along the way. It is a great family hike. Preston has become such a good hiker. He led the way but always made sure Mommy follows closely.

Dog-friendly Boston

Boston is such a dog-friendly city. Preston can ride with Mommy and Daddy on the subway (the “T”). He was very well-behaved.
Many restaurants with outdoor seatings can accommodate 4-legged customers. Mommy and Daddy had brunch at Abe & Louie’s. Preston stayed right next to Mommy but on the other side of the rail.

Nashoba Valley Winery

Preston went apple and peach picking at Nashoba Valley Winery. This is one of few pet-friendly wineries. There were a lot of doggies out in the orchard today but not many of them helping out picking the fruit like Preston did.

Mouse Hunter

The other night when Mommy and Daddy were watching TV, something ran across the room and quickly disappeared into the closet. Mommy screamed “Preston, get the little mouse!” Preston jumped out of his bed. A moment later, he brought mommy this…
His Micky Mouse is a present from Freddy. Thanks Freddy!