Picking out Preston Videos

We finally got the chance to organize and upload the videos of us picking out Preston. There were 4 puppies shown, 3 boys and 1 girl. We were choosing from among one of the boys. As you can see, they were all very friendly and was trying to get mommy’s attention. It was so hard to decide because they were all so cute. As we played with them, some of their personalities started to show and made us lean towards Preston. Of all the boys, Preston was the only one that had a complete black mask and had more pug facial features or the wrinkly forehead.

When we first got there it was just overwhelming with all of the dogs rushing and coming towards us and fighting each other for attention. Initially we thought the hyper ones were cute, but then realized that they might a bit much for what we could handle.

From this video you can see that Preston has a more mellow attitude and demeanor than the other dogs. Although he would try to get attention, he wouldn’t climb over other dogs to do it.

Now mommy’s inspecting each dog one at a time. She’s picking them up to see how they react one on one with her.

Once again playing with all of them to make sure she’s making the right decision.

By this time, I think mommy has pretty much decided on Preston and wanted to make sure he’s the right one for us.

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