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Knot-a-long® Leash

A couple of weeks ago, Preston’s puggle buddy Bruschi talked about his new Wacky Walkr® Urban leash in his blog. It is a short elastic leash that is perfect for dogs who like to pull. Living in a city (with a real wacky walker like Preston), Mommy especially appreciates a short leash that allows her more control when walking on busy streets. Mommy would like to share another great short leash option – Knot-a-long® leash by Ruffwear.
The handle of this leash is very comfortable to hold on to. The material is extremely lightweight yet durable. The length of the leash is 2.5 feet (it is not elastic) and great for keeping Preston by mommy’s side (as seen in Preston’s NYC trip).
Does Knot-a-long® leash magically transform Preston into a perfect walker? Not quite…but here is Preston’s best “on-leash” walk.

Eating Etiquette

Preston is accustomed to eating his treats in small bites. He refuses to eat them if they are too big in size. In this video, Mommy was trying to give him a big piece of his favorite fruit-watermelon…

Preston is not supposed to eat his treats without getting the “take it!”command first but sometimes, the treat is so yummy that he forgets. When he does that, he always realizes his mistake immediately.

Newport, Rhode Island

Preston spent Saturday in Newport, Rhode Island. Although he couldn’t visit any of historic Newport Mansions, he enjoyed the beautiful Cliff Walk.
But a kiss for Daddy is worth the risk.
Preston had his first ocean swim. See the dramatic rubber duckie rescue mission.

Little Helper

Preston loves going to pastry shops with mommy. He always waits patiently outside the store.
He knows that mommy has her hands full with his leash, the coffee and the “goodie bag” from the pastry shop. He volunteers to be mommy’s little helper.

“Table Manners”

“Eat!” is the command that Preston rarely misses. However, he is very adamant about following his eating etiquette.

p.s. he was eating chicken liver.

Walk of Shame

Preston made Mommy very angry in the dog park.
First, he got into a fight with another boy, then he repeatedly begged for treats from other parents. When Mommy called his name, he pretended he didn’t know who Mommy was. He was scolded by Mommy on the way home.
See Preston’s funny walk after he was scolded by Mommy. Mommy was mad but had a hard time keeping a straight face.

Mommy & Daddy Return

When Mommy and Daddy were away, Preston had a wonderful time with his friends Mina, Milo and Maui (Mina & Milo’s cousin).
Here are some pictures Auntie Rebekah took.

Mommy and Daddy were wondering if Preston had so much fun that he would forget about them.
Guess Mommy and Daddy didn’t have to worry about that…

Time to go nite nite

See how Preston gets ready for bed.

“my dog ate my homework”

Mommy recently started taking some classes. Preston is NOT happy with sharing attention with Mommy’s textbooks.
Mommy came home a bit later than usual today…and found this…

Christian the Lion

Preston and Mommy are both deeply touched by this video.