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A surprise from Clover

Preston’s friend Clover sent him a surprise package all the way from Ottawa, Canada!
It was sent more than a month ago but Preston didn’t get it until today… Ottawa must be far far away!
Preston couldn’t wait to open up his surprise.

Let’s see what the surprise is!

There are more goodies from Clover. Thank you, Clover!
Preston stole the hockey stick when mommy was taking the picture.

Color Blind?

Nahhh… Not Preston!

“Puff Fish” is one of Preston’s favorite stuffies.

According to Dr. Dana K. Vaughan, Dogs are “color-limited”, not “color-blind”. “dogs do see color, but in a more limited range than that seen by normal humans, who see the rainbow of colors described by “VIBGYOR”: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red (plus hundreds of variations on these shades). Instead, dogs see “VIBYYYR” (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, and Red).”
So it is not surprising that Preston can tell his Blue, Pink and Yellow Puff Fish!

Get the Phone

Preston is Mommy and Daddy’s little helper at home.


Cleaning up the toys

Fetching toys by name is Preston’s specialty. He can fetch all of his toys from the toy box continuously, all 45 of them! Although Mommy is very proud of him, cleaning up the toys could be a big headache sometimes.

It is Mother’s day. Preston decided to give Mommy the best Mother’s day gift ever – cleaning up his own toys!

Messenger Boy

Mommy and Daddy got a messenger boy at home!

Head on the Table

Mommy and Daddy don’t remember since when Preston likes to rest his head on the table. He can do it on command too.

Shut the Door

It is so tough for mommy to leave for work every morning, this is why…

Preston no longer stays in the crate when mommy and daddy are at work, but he still goes into his crate every morning. Mommy leaves the door unlocked and Preston would step out of his crate as soon as mommy leaves.

Aussie Presents

Preston is fetching the presents mommy and daddy brought back from Australia.
Kangaroo, wombat and Koala. (Koala baby is called a ” joey”, so is a baby kangaroo).

Toys 4

For everyone who misses Preston in the next three weeks, here is Preston’s latest toy fetching video.
He is fetching “little dragon”, “Ice cream cone”, “Gingy”, “Elk”, “Sheep”, “Bettie”,”Sing-sing”, “rope” and “Toss & Shake”.
Warning: the video is 5 minutes long. After all, picking 9 toys from a total of 40 that Preston has is not an easy task! good job, Preston!