Bye-Bye, California!

Preston and Mommy are moving to Cambridge, MA and reuniting with Daddy!
Preston will miss his friends and favorite parks dearly.

Before Preston left California, he wanted to visit IN-N-OUT burger one more time! Cheeseburger without onion is his favorite.

To get ready to fly across the country, Preston visited Dr. York again and obtained a health certificate.
Since Boston is still chili this time of the year, Preston needs temperature acclimation statement from Dr. York.
Bye-bye, California. 🙁

28 Responses to Bye-Bye, California!

  1. Wow Preston that is great that you’ll be with your dad!!!! Our mom’s aunt lives in Cambridge and they LOVE it!!! Good lucky flying and getting used to the cold!!!

  2. Lola says:

    oh wow. how exciting. Think of all the new friends you will make and new parks to explore! and you will be with your dad! Good luck.


  3. mary says:

    I think that’s your most expressive face YET Preston! All ready to fly and wondering what’s going on….. what a thrill it will be at the other end though.Re-united with mummy AND daddy!!! Yeah!We’ll all be waiting there for you too!
    hugs and strokes xxx Mary

  4. Karl says:

    No worries Preston Brah.
    You’ll love it in Cambridge. You’ll see the leaves change and run about in the snow. Also, there’s lots of good schools around there.

  5. Clover says:

    Have a good move, Preston! I am so happy for you and Mommy, now you can be with Daddy too! I am sure you will really like your new home. You are going to be closer to me now!
    Love Clover xo

  6. Jen & Duke says:

    New England is beautiful! I’m stuck in Pennsylvania right now, but I grew up in Maine. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

  7. Jody says:

    Hi Preston,
    We live in Boston. Pitcha the puggle would love to meet you to play when you get here. He is my nephew and loves the city. He loves to go to Polkadog bakery in the South End and it’s right near his favorite dog park.

  8. Hi Preston, good luck on your flight! Hope you enjoy your new town.

  9. Chase says:

    Wow Preston! This adventure is going to be so exciting for you! A whole new state with dog parks to check out..although the weather will be a little different than what you are used to! Welcome to the east coast!

    Sniffs and licks,


  10. Wow Preston!

    You have traveled more than any other Puggle in history!

    I hope you love living in Cambridge! I have a lot of puggle friends in that area if you want I will put you in contact with them!

    Good luck settling in and be sure to give Mommy and Daddy lots of licks!

    Love Rusty

  11. Puggle Blue and Puggle Copper Snyder says:

    Good luck Preston, Mommy and Daddy! I am happy that you will all be back together again.

    Blue and Copper

  12. Susan/Sophie/Lina says:

    Hi Preston: we hope you made it to Cambridge ok? Lina (our youngest puggle came to us via airplane just 3 weeks ago) and I was so nervous for her being in the cargo area. Let us know that you made it ok.

    licks and kisses from Sophie and Lina.

  13. Mr. Puggle says:

    How exciting! New friends and adventures. Have a safe trip. Let us know when you get settled in. Mr. Puggle

  14. Turtle says:

    Bye Preston! We can be pen pals now!

  15. You’re going to love MA, Preston! I’m in CT, the next state over! We had 70 degrees today! You’re moving at the perfect time!
    Your dad must be super excited!
    Have a great flight!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. Kylie says:

    Preston Preston! WOOOOF! I am spinning around chasing my tail! You are come to see ME?! BOL I hope that we can have a playdate soon! Please have a safe trip and let us know when you get to BOSTON!


  17. Poochy says:

    Preston, I’ll miss you. Cambridge is so lucky to have you as their newest puggle. Sound like you are going to have many puggle friends in Boston! Best wishes and stay in touch. Let me know when you settle in the new town.

    PS: My mommy read the article today that there will be an airplane with only pets. May be I’ll visit you one day 🙂

  18. Freddy says:

    preston!! we’re going to miss you! xoxoxoxo hope you had a smooth flight!


  19. Sir Pugs A Lot says:

    Goodbye Preston! I am bummed we never got to meet up. Thank you for all the area tips and fun ideas!

    Sir Pugs A Lot

  20. Stephanie says:

    Good luck with the move!! At least the family will be reunited once again. I hope everything is fine and Preston is okay on the flight there! I will be moving to Boston in September, we should definitely set up a puggle play date! I am not sure about the area yet but if anyone knows, that’d be great!

    Stephanie & Chloe

  21. Mugsy the Puggle says:

    Safe travels, Preston!
    You’ll be much closer to Chicago!!

  22. You will love the East Coast Preston! I can just see you now romping in snow and then coming inside and having a great warm snuggle with mommy & daddy! If you travel down South please come by to see me. Licks, Snuggle Puggle Rose

  23. Yay Preston and Preston’s Mommy gets to reunite with Preston’s Daddy! Hurray! I’m sure you will miss all you friends in Cali, but you are sure to meet new friends! You are so lovable, I don’t think that will be a problem! Any chance of you guys moving to Texas? Get ready for the colder weather!!! I can’t wait to get your new updates of your new home!


  24. Hi Preston,

    I am a Puggle living in Boston and I LOVE it here. If you ever want tips on dog parks or to meet up please let me know. There are 3 dog bakeries and boutiques in my neighborhood and a number of fun dog parks where I have lots of great friends, I would love to show you around if you want. I also attend a Puggle Meetup group in Brookline at a huge park full of grass and great dog friends.

    I know it is sad to move but your family is together again and you will love Cambridge and the whole Boston area, I do!

    Safe travels


  25. Franny says:

    Preston! California, the Bay Area and I will miss you soooo much! I know you will love the East Coast. I’m glad you visited In and Out one last time – they have the best burgers! I just went the other day! Good luck to you and your mommy and daddy!

    I will definitely keep reading about your puggle adventures.


  26. Bruschi says:

    Oh Preston, your sad little face in the crate!! 🙁 Mommy was almost crying for you BOL! But the good news is, is that your family is now all together again! And Boston is a “wicked cool” place! (you’ll hear that word a lot!) Mommy is from there! And my Pep Gary works in Cambridge!! I’ll have to have him watch for you while you are out seeing the sights! He does a lot of work at Harvard too! You will love your new home…..and don’t worry, you can always go back to CA and visit all your friends!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  27. Frank & Beans says:

    Hey There P.,

    You’re going to make so many New friends in Massachusetts !!!!! Those Yankee Puggles will LOVE you !!!

    Hugs X 2,

    F & B

  28. Jill Clarey says:

    Hi Preston (and Mom),

    I have been in touch with you a few times because we love your website. We are from Boston (and Cambridge area), and recently relocated TO San Francisco, Ca. We now live in the Inner Richmond. I hope you are enjoying Boston. I think you will LOVE the snow. It is quite beautiful and fun to play in. I had a question about your plane ride. When we moved here, coincidentally for work, we drove cross country because we did not think our puggle was able to fly. I heard rumours that because of there smooshy face and sometimes bad breathing problems assosciated with the pug, he was not able to fly. How did you make it 6 hours on the plane without needing to pee or walk around? Anyways, we have a lot of concerns about this. I am hoping you can shed some light on the subject. I hope you are enjoying Boston!!

    Jill & Parker