Valentine’s Day 08′

Preston’s Valentine’s day tradition – a dessert splurge!
This year’s dessert was low-sugar blueberry tart.
blueberry tart

Valentine’s day 2007 – Berry Cobbler

7 Responses to Valentine’s Day 08′

  1. Amber-Mae says:

    Wow, yummy tart! Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. Lucky you, Preston! We didn’t get anything THAT special for Valentine’s day! Your tart sure looks yummy!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Rusty the puggle says:

    WOW! That looks good!

    (sniffs and wags)


  4. Nevis says:

    Gorgeous looking picture and I bet that tart was delicious. Have you seen the desserts by Nutro? Check them out!

  5. Happy Valentine’s Preston! Your dessert looked yummy. Are you sure we pups can eat berries? My mama insist that it is bad for us. Is she wrong?


  6. Kylie says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day Preston! Sorry I’m so late getting online. I hope you had a great day and enjoyed your tart! yummm

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