Puggle meetup

Preston went to a special puggle meetup today.
Animal Planet’s DOGS 101 is going to feature “Puggles” in their upcoming season. The camera crew was filming today’s puggle meetup in Boston. There were at least 40 puggles showing up for a fun day and the possibility of being on TV.
Luckily, Mommy put Preston’s “Cool-it” bandana on him; otherwise, he could have been easily lost in the crowd. Preston was not shy about getting attention. He was the only puggle that “spoke” to the camera.
It was such a fun day for Preston (Mommy and Daddy too!).
11/29/2009 update: The puggle episode of Dogs 101 was aired on thanksgiving weekend. Preston made three short appearances on the show. See the update and online version of the show.

11 Responses to Puggle meetup

  1. There was the skinny puggle, and the poor not sot skinny puggle….Preston, you are the PURFECT PUGGLE!!! Were there any Black Puggles around? I should have joined the crowd. Too bad it is too far away from Texas. I hope you were the featured Puggle for Dog 101. I hope they interviewed you and your Mommy and Daddy, because you guys would be the Purfect representation of us Puggles and Family. Do you know when they will air that episode? It looks like you guys had lots of fun!


  2. Turtle says:

    Wow! That guy must get a lot of treats. Turtle is jealous.

  3. Poochy says:

    Yipee, Preston! I’d be surprised if you are not featured in Dogs 101. Overall, you are the star of all puggles. 🙂 I am in Carmel this weekend and met Baba. He reminded me of you and how much I had fun playing with you. Wish you were here. He’s also from Chelle. Visit me when you are famous and travelling around the world.

    Blowing kisses from far away…


  4. We will watch for you on the show, Preston! That show comes on at our house on Saturday at 7PM and we always watch it! We can’t wait!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Karl says:

    Preston Brah,
    Well, here we go. You’re on your way to stardom. Soon you’ll be demanding all the red M&M’s be taken out of your treat bowl in your dressing room. Distilled drinking water only in your water bowl, etc.
    Uncle Karl

  6. Mr. Puggle says:

    Oh how exciting! I hope you get to be on the show and “show” of all your cool tricks! You do us puggles proud preston!!!!!

  7. Bruschi says:

    Oh how cool Preston! When Mommy got an email from Dogs 101 a while back, she recommended they check you out, because you are the smartest puggle of them all!
    And OMD that “not so skinny” puggle is HUGE! BOL! Poor Puggle!! Now no one better ever call me overweight again! BOL!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

    PS- I really hope you are featured on the show!! Please keep me and mommy posted so we can be sure to watch it when it airs!

  8. Freddy says:

    wow! let us know when the show is on!

  9. Frank & Beans says:

    Hey There P.,

    When you become EVEN more famous than you are right now…will you remember all us Puggle cousins out there and send us a note from time to time ?????

    Way to show off our Best Puggle Side !!!!

    HUGS x 2,

    F & B

  10. emily says:

    Hello! I’m so glad you’ve ended up taking Preston to the meet up’s, it sounds like your pup enjoys them! We’re really sad we couldn’t end up going this day, we flew out to St. Maarten for vacation the day before filming. It sounds like an awesome time. Can’t wait to see the show.


  11. Miss Kylie says:

    OH Preston! You look like a star! I sure hope that your Mom and Dad get a commission from all the monies you are going to be raking in!