When can I open my present?

Preston is celebrating his first Christmas this year. Of course he had to wear the Santa outfit and now his reindeers. In this picture he’s probably wondering if he’s been a good or naughty puggle this year and when he’ll be able to open the Xmas presents that Santa brought him. Stay tuned for more Xmas pictures and videos…

2 Responses to When can I open my present?

  1. The Bibillos Family says:

    Happy Holidays! from Arek’s Family (Iwona, Jeremi i Antek).
    We love Preston, he is adorable and woofveeeeery smart 🙂

  2. […] No more reindeer hat or santa suit this year. Preston wishes everyone a very merry christmas! Mommy and Daddy have been slacking on Christmas shopping this year. They got more trees than presents! […]