Collar, collar & more collars

Mommy is a collar junkie so Preston has a growing collection of collars.
It is hard to believe how tiny Preston’s first collar is. It only lasted 3 weeks.
More puppy collars…
For going to the dog park and swimming, Preston needs a rugged and waterproof collar. He wears his Dublin Dog collar.
Each of his collars has its own ID tag.
FYI: Mommy likes to order Preston’s collars from The Mod Dog. The Mod Dog offers a wide selection of custom-made collars at great prices and excellent quality.
The pawprint ID tags are made by

9 Responses to Collar, collar & more collars

  1. Preston,

    My Mama keeps telling me that I live better than most humans. I would have to agree on that, but I also know that the love that our Mamas have for us is an addiction! You are so very loved. I can tell by her attention to your every detail!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Kepa says:

    Oh Preston!

    I LOVE your fashion accessories! You are a very stylin’ Puggle! Love all the colors!

    Mommy is going to re-blog this!

    Puppy Kisses!

  3. All of your collars are just beautiful, Preston! Our mom loves to collar shop too! We’ll be checking out your links!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Bruschi says:

    Wow Preston, we are impressed! That is quite the savvy collection of collars you have!! I only have one….my NE Patriots collar. No wonder you are always so handsome!!!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  5. Stinson the puggle says:

    Preston! You have such a nice collection, Stinson wanted a Dublin collar, but we didn’t know anyone who tried them. Smart Pak Canine is having a clearance sale on them! Doggy fashion is fun 🙂

    -Stinson (SF Bay Area)

  6. Ariel says:

    Thanks for sharing Preston. I love the assortment. I have many collars but another one wouldn’t hurt. Snicker! Snicker!
    You look Great in that style!
    Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥

  7. Trish says:

    Those are cute! I just bought Bruiser one that is Harley Davidson that is black and says “Bad to the Bone”.

  8. Keiko says:

    oh my goodness preston that sure is alot of really pretty collars, my daddy wouldnt let my mommy spend that kind of money on collars! even though I have 4 collars one thats pink, one thats green with fake diamonds, one that has fake diamonds and fake green diamonds(thats my fancy one), and one black one with fake diamonds, but I really like your collars and your tags I might get me one of those!!

  9. Hey Preston! It’s nice to see your mom is a fan of etsy too! My mom is addicted! She thinks I need more collars, but dad thinks she is nuts!
    You have a really nice collection and I would love to have one too!