Sleeping Preston

Finally, some peace and quiet for mommy and daddy.

3 Responses to Sleeping Preston

  1. CM says:

    That is a beautiful dog bed, where did you get it? Also, my fiance and I are getting a puggle soon and we’d love to read whatever training literature you’ve used with Preston — he’s such a well behaved little guy!
    Thanks, CM

  2. Francine says:

    I came across your website from, my family and I are also getting a puggle from Chelle on June 9th. If our puggle is half and cute (and smart) as Preston, we will be so blessed!!! Our family will be complete as soon as Lola comes home.

  3. Colby says:

    Your puggle Preston is amazing!! We just got a new puggle, and he is 11 weeks old! We are so excited! How did you train him so well? Did he go to obediant school? Did it take him long? What age should we start training our puggle Koda?
    Congraduations you have a great pet!!!