Galveston Island

It’s beach time!
Preston hit the beach on Galveston Island this weekend.

The beach here is not the prettiest because there are piles of dead seaweed but it is the most fun for the puggle who loves to sniff!

It was Nolan’s first time playing in the sand. He was full of curiosities.
(Thank Preston’s best puggle buddies, Oliver and Jack, for the summer shorts Nolan is wearing)

This trip was even more fun than last year’s because Preston got a brother to play with him this time!

8 Responses to Galveston Island

  1. Tell Nolan that he can put away his shovel, Preston. You can help him out and dig that hole twice as fast and 3 times deeper!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Bruschi says:

    What is possibly cuter than a puggle and his adorable brother digging on the sand on the beach! Best Buds!!!

  3. kourtney says:

    We love the beach! so much digging to do and sand to sniff. It must be extra fun for you though preston with nolan there! it must be extra fun to dig holes together and get sand everywhere for your mommy to clean!

    oliver and jack

    PS you look great in those shorts n!

  4. Poochy Burnett says:

    Preston!!! How was your vacation? missing your blog. What fun time you and Baby Nolan had at the beach. I can’t wait until mommy takes me to the beach this spring 🙂


  5. Adorable! (Both Nolan and Preston!)

    Love seeing how well they play together.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  6. I know….Galveston is not the prettiest! Glad that you and Nolan had a good time together!


  7. piggy says:

    Beach!! Hopefully I can be there someday~

  8. Hee! Hee! Preston – you look very dashing in your goggles – like those Air Force pilots in those old movies! 😉

    And I can’t believe that’s Nolan! Gosh, last time I saw him, he was still a cute little blob!! 😀

    Honey the Great Dane