October Updates

Mommy and Daddy apologize for the lack of updates these days.
Preston and Nolan are doing great. Preston continues to be the best brother to Nolan.

Nolan, on the other hand, still needs to work on his manners.

At his annual check-up, Preston was told he was a little chubby. This is why…

Preston and Nolan went to a pumpkin farm and picked out their own pumpkins.

Nolan turned 15 months old this month. Mommy and Daddy waited long enough for the day he could finally do this…

6 Responses to October Updates

  1. How cool that Nolan can finally take you for walkies, Preston! Your brother is getting so big!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Puggle-Duo says:

    Two cute Boys!!!

    I Love Preston and Nolan.

    I’ve now worked on my blog 🙂

    The German duo Puggle has experienced a lot of adventures lately

    best greets of Germany

    Jaimy and Leonie

  3. Poochy the Puggle says:

    Preston, we were wondering about you and family. Glad everyone is doing well. You are such a good brother to Nolan and Nolan to you too 🙂 Very patient with your little brother. Looking forward to your Halloween post this year.


  4. Great that hear from u guys ^^ Time flies~ Nolan turn into big boy now~

  5. Preston! Glad that you are settling in to Oregon’s lifestyle! Nolan is so big….cannot believe he can lead you on leash1 Chubby is okay, it just means that you are well loved!

    Miss you in Texas!

  6. Tickle Berry says:

    Very cute photos new to your blog. My humans are loving all the info on your blog. We sent you a question about the furminator can’t wait to hear from you.

    Tickle Berry