I’m home

Today we brought Preston home. We got him from Chelle at Designerdoggies.com. She imports the dogs from breeders around the country and local buyers can come look at the litter and pick from the bunch. The earlier you put a deposit down, the earlier you get to choose from the litter. The website is designerdoggies logo

We think that today’s litter is probably one of the best puggle litters she’s had. We had the first deposit for the boys so we had first choice among all boys. There were 4 boys to choose from, 3 from 1 litter and one from a second litter. The three from one litter came from a set of larger parents, about 25 pounds, so they were much bigger than the last boy which came from a set of smaller parents, 15 pounds. Since we wanted a bigger dog, we decided to choose from the bigger sized boy puppies. We wanted a friendly puppy, one with a cute face and dark mask. Of the 3 larger male puppies to choose from, 2 stood out. Our Preston has a extremely cute face with a very dark mask, extremely wrinkled face and body, but his paws were brown and his coat is brown with black. The other boy puppy didn’t have as dark of a mask and his face wasn’t as wrinkled, but it had white paws, which we prefered, and a beautifully uniformly tan colored coat. It took us a long time to decide between the two. We played with both of them, picked them up and held them. But in the end, we choose Preston because of his extremely cute face since we’ll probably be looking at his face more often. We believe in the end, he was the best choice for us.
Update: Picking out Preston videos.

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