Party at Poochy’s House

Preston’s friend, Poochy, invited him over to his house for a playdate. Mommy and Poochy’s mommy had a lot of fun watching the two puggles tire each other out.
Thanks, Poochy!

9 Responses to Party at Poochy’s House

  1. Chase says:

    It’s so cute to see two puggles playing together!

    Sniffs and licks,


  2. Mr. Puggle says:

    so you guys look like twenkies. that is what you call two people who look alike. glad you had fun. i signed mr. puggle up for youtube and we were watching all the preston videos. gosh, preston is so smart! we were laughing so hard at his workout video. that is so cool he knows who is mommy, uncle, and daddy. i gotta work on that with mr. puggle. he knows his toys so why not his humans?

  3. Poochy says:

    The pictures were very nice, Preston. Pls thank Mommy for all of her creativity. It was fun hanging out together. You are definitely my role model, Preston. 🙂

    Have an A+ Monday…


  4. What a great time you both had – so great that both of you have one ear flipped back from playing so hard!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Lola says:

    I really need to find some puggle friends near me I bet it would be SOOO fun to play with another one. we do have the BEST personalities.


  6. Kylie says:

    That looks like a blast Preston! I love the tail and ear pics 🙂 I thought there was a mirror there!


  7. Anne Good says:

    Those curled tails are so stinkin’ cute!

  8. Frank & Beans says:

    Hey There P.

    Like we always said.Two Puggles are better than One !!! FUN FUN.

    Hugs x 2,

    F & B

  9. evelyn says:

    i have a puggle named Milo and I enjoy very
    much watching and waiting to see what Preston is up to–he is so very smart! I love
    the recent pictures of him and his new friend
    Poochy- puggles are the best!! Always looking
    forward to seeing more of Preston and his adventures thanks so much for sharing!