Poochie Bell

Many people asked us how Preston “told” us when he wanted to go potty? The answer is “Poochie Bell“. He used to sit by the door quietly and we had no way of finding out unless we kept our eyes on him. He must have been just as frustrated as we were so he learned to ring the Poochie Bell the next day after we hung it by the door. The bell works very well but Preston occasionally abuses it when there are activities going on outside and he wants to check it out.

One Response to Poochie Bell

  1. […] Preston had the habit of ringing the Poochie bell every 30 mintues in the evening. Mommy and Daddy were worried he would have a hard time adjusting to the new home as the grass area was not as close as it used to be. They were hoping the Pup-head Portable Dog potty would be an easy solution. Preston used it twice on the first day then decided… it was for emergency use ONLY! […]