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Slumber party

To celebrate Milo’s speedy recovery from his foxtail ordeal, Milo and Mina invited Preston over for a slumber party.
Uncle Marsh picked up Preston on Friday night. Mommy was sending Preston off.

It must have been a great party. When mommy arrived at Milo and Mina’s house the next day…
Preston visited the dog park near Milo and Mina’s house and met a puggle named Wade. He is the BIGGEST puggle (40 lb!) Preston has ever met. (Preston is the butt sniffer in the picture).
It was Mommy’s birthday on Saturday but Preston looked more excited about the cake (that he couldn’t eat!) than mommy did.

Fun and Yum

Freddy, Rocket and Preston met up again this weekend!
This time the party was at Cuesta Park, Mountain View.
JJ, Henry and Romeo joined the party too!
Preston likes eating grass, so do Freddy and Rocket! Mommy recommends Pet Greens® treats, made of beef/chicken and wheat grass.

Playdate with Freddy and Rocket

Remember Rocket, the tri-color puggle Preston met at Bark in the Park last week? It turned out Rocket is Preston’s cyber friend, Freddy’s brother from the same litter! Freddy, Rocket and Preston went on a playdate at Fort Funston this weekend.
Freddy and Rocket are like mirror images of each other.
Preston and Rocket were playing tug of war. Freddy was the referee.
It was an awesome playdate!

After saying good-bye to Freddy, Rocket and their families, Preston headed to Napa Valley with Mommy and Daddy (Yes! Daddy was back from Boston this weekend!). Auntie Karin and Uncle John were celebrating their first wedding anniversary and Saturday was also Mommy and Daddy’s 12th anniversary of their first date! Four of them celebrated their special day at the French Laundry.
Preston didn’t get to go into the restaurant but no worries, Mommy prepared a gourmet dinner for him so that he wouldn’t feel being left out.

The Evil Foxtails

Preston would like to say a prayer for his best buddy, Milo and hopes he recovers from his surgery quickly.
Poor Milo was attacked by foxtails when walking in the park last weekend. A tiny seed (spikelet) from the foxtail stuck to his paw, traveled into the skin and caused an infection. The vet had to perform surgery to remove the nasty little thing. Ouch!
All the doggies out there watch out for foxtails, stay away from them!
“When a dog comes in contact with a foxtail, the cluster attaches to the dog’s fur and begins to move inward as the dog moves. The barbs on the cluster keep the foxtail from falling off or backing out of the fur, and the enzymes in the foxtail’s bacterium begin to break down the dog’s hair and tissue. The foxtail begins to work its way into the dog’s body, just as it would work its way into the soil had it entered the ground…. Dogs that come into contact with foxtails stand a good chance of having one of these insidious plant pieces work its way into the body. The result can be a very sick dog. The degree of illness depends on the area of the body where the foxtail entered and the amount of damage it has caused. Foxtails can enter the nasal passages, eyes, ears and mouth, and can work their way into the dog’s lungs, along the backbone and into many other locations throughout the body.” (Source:

Bark in the Park 2008

Bark in the Park 2008 is taking place this Saturday.
Preston got to the event late and missed the “Silly Trick Contest” but after the embarrasment last year, Mommy wasn’t so sure about being on the stage with Preston again.

Preston met Rocket, a tri-colored puggle. Preston got to share some of Rocket’s treats. The poor Bulldog looked very jealous.

“my dog ate my homework”

Mommy recently started taking some classes. Preston is NOT happy with sharing attention with Mommy’s textbooks.
Mommy came home a bit later than usual today…and found this…

Sleepover Weekend

Preston had a sleepover weekend at his best buddy’s house.
Milo and Preston just couldn’t get enough of each other but the big sister, Mina, didn’t want anything to do with the boys…
Mina: “Sigh…those silly boys…”


After coming back from Pfieffer Beach, Mommy and Daddy realized that Preston’s eyes need protection from the sun and wind as much as human eyes do. They got Preston a pair of Doggles®. These Doggles® provide 100% UV protection! (Thanks for Uncle Karl’s great suggestion!)
To Mommy’s surprise, Preston accepted his new Doggles right away.
Now, he can ride in a SUV like “King of the World”!
Or, ride in style in a convertible.
“Hop in, Mommy! Let’s go for a ride!”

Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur

Daddy was back from Boston for the long weekend. Preston and Mommy couldn’t be happier!
The whole family drove down to Big Sur, CA, about 3 hours south of San Francisco.
Beautiful coastal scenery on Highway 1.
Arriving at dog friendly Pfeiffer Beach. Doggies were supposed to be on-leash…uhh…not sure who got the party started first.

Bye-bye, Uncle Allen

Preston’s beloved Uncle Allen is moving far far away to the other side of the planet. Preston said goodbye to him today. It will be awhile before they see each other again. Preston is extremely sad to see Uncle Allen go but wishes the best for him.
Uncle Allen is going to be 6000+ miles away!! Good luck in Taiwan, Uncle Allen!
Preston will remember all the good time they shared together.