It’s a li’l stinker!

Good guess, everyone!
There are many skunks in the neighborhood where Preston lives. They usually come out at night and make Preston’s late night walkies or potty runs quite an adventure. Mommy thinks the little stinker costume would be a great disguise and keep Preston safe.
You think Preston can fool the real stinkers?
“ is me!”
He does look like a cow, doesn’t he? That was a good guess too!

11 Responses to It’s a li’l stinker!

  1. Freddy and Evy says:

    oooh Preston! you’re the cutest stinker i’ve ever seen!

  2. Karl says:

    Geez Preston Brah,
    You don’t look very happy in your costume.
    No candy this year?


  3. You are just so darn cute in your costume, Preston! We bet you can fool the skunks into leaving you alone for good!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Bruschi says:

    Preston!!! We were both Skunks for Halloween!! I think we are living the same life, just different states! BOL!
    Your skunk costume is better than mine though….my head piece was detached and was much too big for me. you sure do make one cute lil stinker!!

    Hugs and Licks,
    Bruschi the puggle

  5. Eduardo says:

    My Mommy thinks you make a very cute skunk!(I do too) Did you get to go trick or treating? I bet everybody loved you! My Mommy would be scared those skunks would attack at any minute and just stink up the whole place!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  6. Amber-Mae says:

    You are a cute little stinker! Well, let’s just hope the male hunky skunks don’t find you too attractive Preston coz you know what will happen next…Oh yeah.

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  7. Hey Preston!

    Mommy & I were both wrong about your costume, we thought you were a cow, but the skunk costume is totally rad. Hope you confused the neighborhood skunks. Don’t they know that dogs rule and skunks drool?

    Lots of licks,
    Riley the Puggle

  8. Frank & Beans says:

    Hey There P.,

    You Tricked alot of us !!!! Texas skunks sure aren’t as cute as you are in your costume !!! And they’re BIG stinkers !!!!

    Hugs x 2,

    F & B

  9. Toby the puggle says:

    Oh is that what a stinker is? Mom calls me that all the time! I went with my boy trick-n-treatin…not one biscuit for me…I was lucky though, mom brought me some cuz she’s so smart. I loved seeing all the dogs dressed up in their doggy costumes. I saw a pug in a witch costume! I even saw another puggle!! I was a jester and everyone said I was so cute!

    wags n licks

  10. Jen & Duke says:

    Hi Preston & Preston’s Mommy. We think your blog is pretty wicked and we love Preston’s skunk costume. Duke was a Purple Monkey for Halloween and looked about as happy as Preston did in his costume!

    -Jen & the Dukester

  11. Clover says:

    Hehe, I knew it! You look super cute in your costume, Preston. 🙂
    Love Clover xo