Mommy hopes this video will encourage anyone who has a hard time trimming their dog’s nails to keep trying eventhough it might seem like an impossible task.
Preston used to be terrified of nail trimming. Visits to the groomer were quite traumatizing for him. Mommy tried Peticure® but Preston ran away on the buzzing sound of the electric filer. Nail trimming was such a dreadful activity for both Mommy and Preston. For more than two years, Mommy had given up on trimming Preston’s nails. Luckily, his active lifestyle kept his nails naturally short. His dew claws were removed by the breeder so Mommy never has to worry about them.
This past winter was Preston’s first winter living in a place where there was a lot of snow. The de-icers on the ground made it hard to go for long walks. Running in the snow or grassy parks was just not enough to wear down his nails. Nail trimming became necessary again and Mommy wasn’t looking forward to doing it at all.
To Mommy’s surprise, nail clipping was so much easier this time around. Preston has become quite comfortable with his pawdicure, sometimes, he even falls alseep in the midst of it.

Preston’s pawdicure kit:
Preston's Pawdicure kit!
How does Preston learn to enjoy the nail clipping?
1. Growing up Preston is used to having his paws handled. Mommy likes holding his paws and wiggling his toes when cuddling.
2. Preston got two cheerios and a big praise if he let Mommy touch his toes with a nail clipper (without clipping). Repeat this many many times.
3. Then, move on to real clipping, Preston got two cheerios for each snap sound the clipper makes.

And many many cheerios later…

FYI: Nail clipping instructions

12 Responses to Pawdicure

  1. Preston, you look like a really RELAXED puggle in the video. You would have had me fooled, if you were ever fearful.

    Lucky for Daddy, I’ve always been good about nail clippings….even though I’ve gotten my quick clipped before, and had lots of puggle blood come ooozing out. Now Daddy uses a Dremel drill to grind my nails…I don’t like it, but don’t mind it too much. I still have my dew claws…its a great eye scratcher.

    I’m going to ask about the Cherrios as a part of my Pawdicure for next time. Good idea!


  2. No way is mom coming near us with any of that evil equipment!
    Our mom so wishes we could be relaxed like you are, Preston!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Mr. Puggle says:

    YOU are an absolute miracle worker. I never thought about rewarding for the snap sound. Brilliant.

    We struggled with nails for years with Mr. Puggle. Then his new vet pointed out he had very long quicks. Poor puggle. It didn’t feel good. He wasn’t overreacting.

    With training like yours, we introduced a giant nail file. Each swipe got a kibble. He will let us file but not clip.

    Now we are doing that training to introduce a nose lead to help us walk like a good puggle.

    Have a good week Preston. You got your pedi, now park for your mani and a message. 🙂

  4. Bruschi says:

    Wow Preston, you aren’t afraid one bit! You even let Mommy file your nails?! Oh my!
    Mommy has to drug me up with that Ace sedative when its time for my pawdicure. Its the only way I’ll sit still! I do love having my paws handled, but not when she has that scary guillotine thing and the PediPaws in her hands! BOL!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  5. Mom is REALLY impressed with how relaxed you are Preston! You look like you’re having a day at the spa! Oh wait! You are!

    I just got mine clipped at the puppy doctor since I was there getting my annual shots. (boo! hiss!) Mom has been working with me using a dremel because I don’t trust her anymore after ‘BLOOD BATH 2009’. I’m only 15 months old, so maybe I’ll get more relaxed as I grow older.

  6. Good Boy, Preston!
    You look so beautiful and your nails are AWESOME =) What a champ you are @ getting your nails clipped and earning cheerios! YUM!!!! We had a fun time @ Barkwells! Highly recommend the place. We’re going back 4th of July week and Christmas.
    Love ,
    Jack, Ella and Ann

  7. I wish! I have to like climb on Bruiser to do it…only then does he allow me to clip his nails. Speaking of which…they need to be clipped 🙁

  8. Ariel says:

    Aww! You are such a good dog Preston. No way do I let human Granny (or anyone in the house) for that matter) get near me with the PediPaws. She can touch my feet but don’t come near me with any kind of clippers. I do let the girls at the PetSmart do it. I have to cuz I feel bad when I scratch human Granny! Have a Great Easter Preston. Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you. I can’t wait to get my basket!
    Licks and Wags, Ariel ♥

  9. Piggy says:

    Aww.. i hate nail clipping.. when mommy try to trim my nails, i will run away and attack her. Then she gave up and never trim for me anymore. After that, she send me to Petsmart saloon, and I’m too anxious (run away) then lady suggest mommy bring me to Vet and they will trim me

  10. Amber-Mae says:

    What a good boy you are Preston! My Mommy will clip our nails even if we didn’t like it.

    Love licks & Hugs,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  11. Great method! We are lucky enough to have very tolerant dogs on our hands, but I’m sure this will be helpful to a lot of dog owners – I hear so many talk about dreading nail clipping sessions…

  12. Betty says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful Preston stories and the great advice. Preston is my favorite doggie, other than our 2 beautiful babies! I was wondering if you have any videos, or advice on how you trained Preston to ring a bell when he has to go outside. Our newest puppy is not very vocal when she has to go, so when she goes to the front door, if we aren’t paying attention, she just goes right on the rug! I think the bell is such a great idea, but would like to know how you did it.