Yikes! Ticks!

It was a nice spring Sunday. Preston went hiking at Mount Misery. Unfortunately, his first hike of the year was ruined by the ticks. After spotting two ticks on Preston, Mommy and Daddy couldn’t get Preston out of the tick-infested grassy field fast enough. Tick-borne Lyme disease is endemic in New England and NOT fun to have. Mommy examined Preston thoroughly and did not find more ticks on him. Hopefully, Frontline Plus® does its job keeping the ticks out of Preston!

FYI: some good articles about ticks: Ticks on Dogs. and Canine Tick Disease FAQ.

7 Responses to Yikes! Ticks!

  1. Oh no Preston!!! I sure hope Frontline kicks some Tick butt! I hope you didn’t get too many bites. I’m sure your Mommy was very annoyed and feared for your safety! I understand that ticks are everywhere, but I’m pretty sure Texas doesn’t have a tick infestation….at least not in Austin, so hopefully Houston will be clean too!


  2. What a bummer that your hike was cut short, Preston, but you don’t want any tick-borne diseases – that’s for sure!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Bruschi says:

    Yikes! Ticks are scary stuff Preston! Good thing they got you out of there and fast!! And good thing you are always protected with Frontline…..that should help! hope you are feeling ok!

  4. My gosh! Mommy just found one on my neck and one for lulu on her ear! I believe we got it at the tall grass field! Hate those ticks! there are so disgusting

  5. Oh what a shame that your walk was spoilt!! I never had to worry about ticks back in NZ but here in Australia, they have the scary paralysis tick which can even kill you! So my humans have to examine me all over everytime after we’ve been to the park with long grass…what a pain!

    Honey the Great Dane

  6. Mr. Puggle says:

    poor doggie. glad you got them off. it is scary and does ruin outside fun. i wonder if they have tics in texas?

  7. C.l.o.v.e.r. says:

    Oh no Preston! Sorry to hear about your tick experience. 🙁 Glad to hear you are safe though!