Dr. Becker’s Bites®

These days, Preston puts on his best behavior when Mommy mentions “Bison Bites”.
When choosing Preston’s treats, Mommy likes them to be simple, natural, healthy and of course, yummy. Dr. Becker’s Bites® are Mommy’s exciting new finds!
These crunchy treats come in three flavors: Bison (made with bison liver & bison heart), Beef (beef liver) and Veggies (2/3 veggies & 1/3 bison liver). Preston has tried all three and love them all.

Don’t they look like tortilla chips? Preston will tell you they are BETTER than tortilla chips!

8 Responses to Dr. Becker’s Bites®

  1. Of course, I’ve had the honor of tasting these tasty morsels with the help of you Preston! They are delicious! Even my picky roommate Susie drools at the thought of these! And yes, sounds and looks like tortilla chips, but definitely much more tastier! Those are keepers and is a GREAT FIND!

    Thanks P!

  2. Oh my! Those sure do look yummy, Preston!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Ooooh! I do love tortilla chips when Daddy “accidentally” drops them on the floor and if these are better than that I’m getting Mommy right on it! Thanks for the tip Preston, they sound Delicious 🙂

  4. They not only LOOK like tortilla chips, but they sound like them too!! They are deeeelicious! Oh and the stress ones you got me…..look identical to these Bison Bite ones! So I get TWO bags of tortilla chips!!! yum yum!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  5. We will convince our humom to purchase those yummies! We love bison bits.

  6. Puggle Ariel says:

    Wow Preston they look Great! I am gonna have to get human Granny to get me some of them….♥

  7. Bob Etters says:

    We have Preston female puggle, looks the same ,,, from Preston, Missouri ,,, she also rings same bells… Did you get her from MO..