RodeoHouston 2011

RodeoHouston is the biggest annual event in Houston. It is actually the world’s largest live entertainment and livestock exhibition. It is a 20-day event attended by over 2 million people. Mommy and Daddy are excited about checking it out for the first time this year. Sadly, it is not a dog-friendly event and Preston couldn’t go even if he put on his rodeo cowboy costume…

It is a fun event where lots of people are going in their western outfits.

Food…food…food! all Texas-sized too!

Mommy and Daddy were most fascinated by the livestock exhibition.

Hmm…whom does this remind Mommy and Daddy of? See the resemblance?
Mommy and Daddy still have to learn to fully appreciate steer wrestling and bull riding but they had fun watching chuckwagon racing.

9 Responses to RodeoHouston 2011

  1. Bruschi says:

    Oh Preston, it’s so sad you couldn’t go! you win best rodeo outfit paws down!

    Mommy would only like to go to look at the animals too. She is very against bullriding and all of that sort of stuff.

    I must admit…..Preston I do see a resemblence between you and that big piggy! BOL! The laying down, the curly tail, the face in the bag of food……BOL!

  2. Sorry you can’t go along, you would be a good boy!

    Tell mommy and daddy to make it up to you and take you someplace fun!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

    PeeS: One of my doggie friends is moving to Houston in a couple of weeks. They will be living in Kingwood. We’ll miss them but they said Houston has a lot to offer doggie families.

  3. You look so cute in your rodeo cowboy costume, Preston! What a bummer that you couldn’t go along too.
    Our mom loves watching bull riding on TV!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Piggy says:

    You look so handsome with your cowboy costume~~ too bad that you can’t go along with daddy mommy… sigh

  5. Okay P, I’ve found another reason for you to move to Austin and leave Houston all together…..EVERYTHING in Austin is Doggy friendly!!!……minus the grocery stores, of course.


  6. Too bad you couldn’t go in your cowboy outfit! There was a lot to see and smell from the looks of it! Are they trying to say you look a little bit like that piggy?!? We think we must agree 😉 BOL
    Maddy and Owen

  7. I had to stay home when mom & dad went, too. They went to the Rodeo Cookoff BBQ event. Daddy had a giant corn dog & a giant turkey leg. He did bring me some of the leftover turkey!
    -Puggles TX Ranger

  8. Puggle Ariel says:

    Awww! Preston you could not go cuz you would of won all the prizes! Looks like human Mommy and human Daddy had a fun time. Hey can you buck that cowboy off your back? Just wondering!…Snicker! Snicker!
    Licks & Wags, Ariel ♥

  9. Kristen Adamsky says:

    I love all the pictures you post. Preston certainly has loving and adoring parents. Hard not to be, puggles are the best. I am a proud puggle mommy as well. I had to comment on the rodeo costume. I literally laughed out loud. That has to be the funniest costume I have ever seen.
    Congratulations and best of luck with your baby! From what anyone can see, that baby will truly be blessed with you as parents.