Miss you Already, Daddy!

It was a sad weekend for Preston and Mommy.
Daddy has to move to the East Coast for his new job. Preston and Mommy will be staying in California for a while.
Daddy is far far away in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“Miss you already, Daddy!”

“Daddy, hope you don’t mind me claiming your pillow!”

13 Responses to Miss you Already, Daddy!

  1. Gilbert says:

    Hi Preston! I’m sorry to hear that your dad will be so far away!!! I know how hard it is because my mom and dad share custody of me. I live with my dad all the time, but I get to see mama every couple of weeks. Mama tells me that even if she can’t be there with me all of the time, she still LOVES me very much!!! And I know your daddy loves you just as much!!!

  2. OMG, your dad is far away from you, Preston! Gosh, he’s closer to us now than he is to you! You and your mom will have to do all sorts of special things so you don’t miss him too much! We sure hope he gets to come home to you on the weekends!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Hey Preston,
    You will have to step up and be the man of the house!
    And take good care of your mommy!



  4. Eduardo says:

    Woof Preston!
    I’m sorry your daddy isn’t home with you! My daddy is gone most of the day & I always miss him! But I take care of mommy while he’s gone, so that’s what you have to do! Your awesome!
    Woof Woof,
    Eduardo the snuggle puggle

  5. Daddy says:

    Daddy misses you too Preston !!! :'(

  6. Preston, So sad to hear about your daddy having to move! I am sure he will miss you so much! My mommy and daddy are from Massachusetts but we live in Florida now. Maybe you’ll get to visit him there and play in the snow!

  7. Amber-Mae says:

    Oh my, you live soooo far apart fro each other! You look awfully sad in the last picture. I know your papa will visit you guys sometime…

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  8. Preston, I’m so sad for you! Your Daddy is moving far, far away!!! Does that mean that you may move to Cambridge later in the future?

    I know how you feel. My Mama and Daddy have been dating Furever and are not married yet, so they don’t live together. I live with Daddy and there are some days where I don’t see my Mama and I miss her a bunch. I know it is not the same since your Daddy is VERY far away and require a plane ride to see him.

    Keep yourself busy and protect your Mommy and your Daddy will be by your side before you know it. After all, he has to earn the big bucks to buy you more treats, and toys galore.

    Don’t be sad!

  9. Peanut says:

    Hi Preston; I am sorry to hear that your daddy had to move so far away. I’m sure it is difficult for you and your mom. Take your mom for lots of walks. Try to keep busy like Coco said. Hopefully you will visit each other soon! XOXO Peanut

  10. Hi Preston!

    We enjoy reading your stories and were so sad to hear about the latest news. I am a puggle that lives in Boston so I am close to your Daddy now but know how hard it must be for you to be so far away. I cry when my daddy leaves me for the work day!!

    I hope you are hanging in there and enjoying the summer. Maybe some day we can meet if you visit your dad here on the East Coast.


    Belichick the Puggle

  11. Amy Po Po says:

    Hi Preston: Be alert! take a good care of your mommy, if you feel lonely call Amy Po Po, she’ll come to get you. see you soon! ^v^

  12. Sparky says:

    If you do move to MA, then we should get together. We’ll only be a couple of hours away!

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