Canoeing on the Charles

Preston might not be a big fan of the water but he is not going to miss out on having fun on Charles River. 

11 Responses to Canoeing on the Charles

  1. Karl says:

    Preston Brah,
    If Susan and Jeff look like Lewis and Clark, that must mean you are…….Sacajawea !!!!!!!!!!
    Still stylin’ in the “Doggles.”
    Cool beans.

  2. Those are super cute pictures of Preston. Love those doggels!

  3. Mr. Puggle says:

    Captain Preston! Has a nice ring to it! Love the shades dude! Are they Ruf Ban? Woofarers?

  4. Man Preston, you are a lot braver than me!

    I hate the water!

  5. Sandi, Blue and Copper says:

    You always have the best weekends Preston!

  6. Bruschi says:

    OMD Preston! Look at you all suited up in your life vest and doggles!! You look so cute!! And how pretty the Charles is isn’t it? You really do have the best puggle life! BOL!

    Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

  7. Ariel says:

    Hi Preston from Chicago IL USA.
    It looks like you are adjusting to the East Coast fine. I would love to take a swim off that boat. I love the water. I am so happy to see you having a wonderful time. Your Mommy and Daddy are very Great to you. Catch you sometime soon.
    Licks, Ariel ♥

  8. Preston, you are such a “ham” in photos. I love all your pictures. You always look so handsome. The Doggles are super cool on you; my Daddy wishes I would wear them, but “no thank you!” I hope you didn’t rock the boat too much! It looks like you had a super good time!


  9. Miss Kylie says:

    Nice nautical skills P! Mommy has cannoed the Charles but she did the river out in the suburbs, never in the big city like you! Can’t wait for our play date!! How did you handle moving?! Mommy keeps stealing all my toys and beds!!


  10. Frank & Beans says:

    Hey P.,

    Shades are Pawsome !!!

    Boston suits you !!!!

    Hugs X 2,

    F & B

  11. evelyn says:

    Preston knows how to have a great weekend
    It looks like you are all enjoying living in
    Boston, and Preston those goggles WOOF!!!!