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Bonjour de Montréal

Preston traveled across the border to Canada and spent a weekend in Montréal, Québec.
Montreal is beautiful! but at the blazing 85F+ weather, sightseeing wasn’t really Preston’s thing.
The highlight of the trip for Preston was all the yummy gourmet he got to sample.
Preston’s lack of interest in sightseeing could be evidenced in ALL of the family pictures.
1. It is about 5.5 hrs drive from Boston to Montreal.
2. Proof of rabies vaccination is needed to travel into Canada and back into the US.
3. Poutine is French-Canadian food made of french fries, cheese curds and gravy. La Banquise is a great place for poutine.
4. Expect a long long line out the door at Schwartz’s Deli. Going early (smoked meat is available after 10am) is strongly recommended.
5. Montreal’s Metro and the Underground City are not dog friendly. Bummer!

Canoeing on the Charles

Preston might not be a big fan of the water but he is not going to miss out on having fun on Charles River. 

Hello, Massachusetts!

Preston made it to his new home in Cambridge! Mommy and Daddy put him on a red-eye flight so that he could sleep through the 5-hour flight. He woke up in the new city with a much happier face!

Preston couldn’t wait to visit Harvard University.
And Daddy’s alma mater, MIT!

No Begging

Preston does not beg for food…
He watches.
and he drools.

Yosemite National Park

Preston, Mommy and Daddy visited Yosemite National Park last weekend. It was Preston’s second visit to the park. He LOVES the snow!
The happiest dog in the snow!
Yosemite is a winter wonderland this time of the year.
Preston had a blast in the snow.

Mommy & Daddy Return

When Mommy and Daddy were away, Preston had a wonderful time with his friends Mina, Milo and Maui (Mina & Milo’s cousin).
Here are some pictures Auntie Rebekah took.

Mommy and Daddy were wondering if Preston had so much fun that he would forget about them.
Guess Mommy and Daddy didn’t have to worry about that…

Miss you Already, Daddy!

It was a sad weekend for Preston and Mommy.
Daddy has to move to the East Coast for his new job. Preston and Mommy will be staying in California for a while.
Daddy is far far away in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“Miss you already, Daddy!”

“Daddy, hope you don’t mind me claiming your pillow!”

Pet Parade

Time flies! It is Redwood City Pet Parade again!
Preston dressed up for the parade like he did last year.

Preston was walking in front of the Little Red Riding Hood and “Granny” weim in the parade.

Preston was performing the “circle around mommy” in the trick contest. He also completed the “Nike Ball” trick this time.

Preston got Second Place in the trick contest (again!). The first prize went to a very smart beagle who could jump through the hoops.

Mommy & Daddy return

Mommy and Daddy are back from their vacation!
Uncle Allen and Preston picked them up at the airport. Preston was telling Mommy and Daddy how much he misses them in this video.

Mommy’s birthday

Happy Birthday, Mommy!