Good-bye, TX! Hello, OR!

Mommy and Daddy always thought they were city people, Preston was a city puggle and they would always live in the city. After Nolan was born, they started picturing Nolan growing up in a friendly small town and liking the idea more and more. Pretty soon, a great job opportunity came up for Daddy in a beautiful college town in Oregon. Although Mommy and Daddy were still a little unsure about moving to a small town, they just couldn’t pass this opportunity up! So off they move to Corvallis, Oregon!

Moving across the country is not an easy task but this time, Mommy and daddy got an extra helper-Baby Nolan!

What is Preston’s life like in Corvallis?


If you are a long-time follower of Preston’s adventures, you are probably not surprised by this.
Preston moved from California to Massachusetts, then to Texas in the past six years.
Mommy and Daddy like living in Houston, especially after they met some wonderful friends here. They feel very sad about saying good-bye to their friends but are also very excited about their next move. It is hard not too….because this is the State which Mommy, Daddy, Preston and Nolan will call home next week!

Birthday Party

Preston turned SIX!!
He spent his birthday having a blast with his Houston puggle buddy, Jule, at Jule’s house and they celebrated it with pretty biscuits from Jackson’s doggie bakery.

At home, Preston enjoyed a gourmet birthday dinner!

Nolan’s birthday is a day after Preston’s. He is ONE! Can you believe how quickly time has gone by? Mommy and Daddy planned a nautical themed birthday party for the two boys. The party had a great turnout. There were 30 adults and 10 babies!

There were lots of babies in the party so unfortunately Preston had to stay behind the gate most of time. Sorry Preston! Nolan was the center of the attention at the party but he made sure his big brother wasn’t being left-out. Preston did get to come out for the cake cutting.

Mommy and Daddy set up a photo booth at the party.

Mommy ordered some sailboat cookies to match the party theme. If you are wondering if they taste as good as they look, you will have to ask Preston. After the party, the naughty birthday boy got on the table and ate all the leftover cookies. Happy Birthday, Preston!

Preston, Nolan, Mommy and Daddy wanted to thank everyone who sent heart-warming birthday wishes and awesome presents.
Thank you for thinking about Preston and Nolan on their birthdays.
Thank you Bruschi and Ebby.

Thank you, Poochy!

Thank you, Coco Puff!

Thank you, Oliver and Jack!


Preston loves to get his paws on Nolan’s toys, even the walker.
This is how Nolan does it…

Now it is Preston’s turn…


A day in Austin

A couple of weeks ago, Preston spent a fun day in Austin.
The day started off with a wonderful brunch at the super dog-friendly Westin Hotel. Preston was even offered the option of dining inside of the restaurant but Mommy and Daddy knew Preston would prefer staying on the patio.

Because it was a last-minute trip, Preston missed another chance to meet his long-time puggle buddy, Coco Puff. However, since Westin Hotel is right next to the (very dog-friendly) department store where Coco’s mommy works, Preston surprised her at work. Nolan got to meet Lena for the first time too!

After visiting Lena, Preston and family headed to their hiking destination-Pedernales Fall State Park.
How do you hike with a baby?? This is how!

Preston couldn’t wait to jump in the water.

There is a beach area where Preston can swim alongside other human kids!

What an awesome place!

Oh Joy!

Mother’s day this year was especially special…

Preston is such a sweet brother. Thanks for being so tolerant of Baby Nolan…

To be fair, Nolan is not always harassing his puggle brother.
(This gives Mommy teary eyes…)

Galveston Island

It’s beach time!
Preston hit the beach on Galveston Island this weekend.

The beach here is not the prettiest because there are piles of dead seaweed but it is the most fun for the puggle who loves to sniff!

It was Nolan’s first time playing in the sand. He was full of curiosities.
(Thank Preston’s best puggle buddies, Oliver and Jack, for the summer shorts Nolan is wearing)

This trip was even more fun than last year’s because Preston got a brother to play with him this time!


Mommy, Daddy and Nolan are going to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Taiwan. They wish Preston could go with them too.
What is Preston gonna do?
He is going on a vacation of HIS OWN! When Preston left California three years ago, he promised his best buddies whom he grew up with, Mina and Milo the Westies, that he would be back to visit. He is keeping his promise! He is flying to California to hang out with Mina and Milo and also meet their new foster sister, Molly.

Life with a Baby- Brotherly Love

Preston is the best puggle brother a baby could ever ask for. Nolan absolutely adores his fur brother.
For the past couple of months, Nolan has been wearing a cranial helmet to reshape his little head (his head was flat in the back as a result of sleeping on his back). To show his support, Preston also put on his pomelo helmet.

Mommy and Daddy always enjoy seeing the interactions between Preston and Nolan. These are some moments caught on the camera that bring smiles to Mommy and Daddy’s faces. It is not surprising that “Preston” is the first word Nolan has learned.

A Useful “Trick”

Mommy and Daddy have pretty much given up on training Preston to be a good walker. He knows the commands “next to mommy” and “slow” very well but enjoys his walk so much better when he can stop and sniff around. When Mommy takes Preston and Baby Nolan out for a walk, a retractable leash makes it easier for Mommy to keep her hands on the stroller and still allow enough freedom for Preston to do some sniffing that he loves. The biggest problem with letting Preston have the extra long leash is that he often wraps himself around a tree or pole, Mommy has to undo it by going around the tree or pole. It is not always easy to do that with a stroller.
It is time for Preston to learn to unwind himself with the command “go around!”. (A retractable leash should only be used on well-behaved dogs. Mommy thinks Preston has passed the test!)